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August 10th, 2005 + 6:08 PM  ·  DirkDiggler

Someone called Incubus something-something was very rude to me. I didn't sign up for this shit. Goodbye, and thanks to everyone who critiqued my stuff, especially DaveUK


August 9th, 2005 + 5:08 PM  ·  DirkDiggler

Is there such a thing as a plugin or hardware amp simulator that actually delivers professional quality on heavy guitars? Volume levels are not an issue for me with recording, so I tried miking a pretty loud Marshall with 1 12" and experimenting EXTENSIVELY with mike placement-terrible results. I've tried Revalver and a couple plugin demos, but they don't match my Behringer Vamp, which only cost me $130 new!
I liked it better than the POD.
    When I listen to my recordings, and then stuff on the radio, I'm shocked at how much better they sound than me. I feel like I just want to quit recording.As good as the Vamp is, it still doesn't seem professional to me.
    Do I have to go to a studio? Has anyone out there been blown away by the realism of some simulator plugin, or piece of hardware? What about sansamp? Is the hardware verion better than the plugin?


August 1st, 2005 + 4:08 PM  ·  DirkDiggler

Someone calles rusty was very rude to another member.
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